Project Darwin

So, I am finally modeling and will be CGI-ing my Darwin character. I first sketched Darwin many years ago. A vision of a primitive ape-like/Neandertal-ish kinda dude. He was cool, but his knuckles dragged on the ground. Maybe this is a psycho-self analysis. My nickname in High School was Caveman and now it has manifested in Darwin. Is he me, and I him and are these butterflies fluttering around my noggin? Anyhoo…

Here is the series of sped up videos I am calling 10X, because they are 10 times the speed of the original work. This is fun and I am getting fired up to do more. I have a series of Architectural design and visualization projects in the queue!

I hope you enjoy! You can leave comments on my blog post regarding this project called “Back in the Saddle…”. I would love to hear your thoughts on this project. …unless you are just going to mock my Cavemanliness. That you can keep to yourself… or not! 😉