The Power and Perils of Shortcuts…

So, my first bjourn… I guess this would be my second since the previous announcement was my first, but I digress and ramble. Ooh, two other great topics for future bjourns. OK, I digress again!

I was just reviewing my old Architectural Visualization work and I thought about how I made each one. The first thing that popped in my mind was what shortcuts I did to make each piece. I then remembered the sacrifices I made in ultimate quality just to get it “done!” Is that really the most prominent memory of my works? “How did I skimp on my work? Let me count the ways!”

Honestly, I pride myself in quality work from “soup to nuts” (I never usually use those kinda lines, but I love old Americana sayings like that… Ooh, another bjourn post) I have a healthy or unhealthy preoccupation with efficiency. My own versions of efficiency, anyway. After years of experience and telling myself I’d follow a training series on Architectural modeling in MODO, I finally did it. Of course having it published free just recently by the good folks at The Foundry ( was a big motivator. I have garnered many long lost processes that can seem tedious, but I have opted to avoid due to my opinions of efficiency. This training enlightened me on the beautiful simplicity of having a clean workflow without focusing on the shortcuts!

I dislike tedium and stick to only a handful of tools in any process. The instructor, Andy Brown, a veritable genius, showed a far superior process to my own. There were many different steps that I previously thought were a waste of time. The process ultimately was extremely efficient. I have seen the light!

The efficiency of these proper methods versus my shortcuts proved to be far more accurate and speedy. So, using the right tools and processes for a specific task is in and of itself a “shortcut.” The idea of a shortcut for me has been about cutting corners, but is now becoming about saving time and reducing wasted efforts. The best shortcut is to follow an efficient workflow.