Starting out 2015 with a bang!

Santos Studios is gaining momentum in a new filed of interest (yet another OCD!)… Archery! I started shooting bow when I was a wee lad of 16, or younger… Darn this old age stuff…

Anyway, I have rediscovered my passion for the sport, but with a driving force of design and building forging me ahead! In other words, I am now a bowyer with about 4 bows under my belt.

If you know how my… hmmm… “unique” mind works, you would see that this is par for the course. I need a primer for my passions and this manifestation of archeryOCD sparked with a bunch of bamboo scraps being given away to any unsuspecting sucker, um, kindhearted creative type who could use them.

My first thought was “furniture!” Isn’t that what everyone thinks of when first seeing a bunch of bamboo on the sidewalk with those four letters that speak to my soul… FREE! With splintered appendages and gleaming optimism, my new parcel mowzied on home with their new Dada! …and hearing the expected concerns of the Santos Household CEO.

Archery didn’t spring from the fount of inspired glee until further inspection of the “FREE” goods! Shrouded under the guise of a “project” that father and son can explore, I proceeded to unravel kitchen twine and unearth that “not-for-bamboo” hacksaw. Yeah, you know I hacked the heck out of that bamboo. With a couple simple knots and duct tape reinforcing, I gots me a bow… A BamBow! Get it… see how I turned the… bamboo name… and added.. well you know how that goes.

I was hooked! I owe it all to my son! If we didn’t have fake projects to get me stuff, Santos Archery would have never been hatched! And boy has it Hatched!!!

Stay tuned